Messiniaki Paradosi
(Messinian Tradition)
Fine flavors from Maria Douvogianni!

Sweets, Jams, Pickles, Gourmet!

In the small town of Messini I tightly hold the traditions of the Messinian Earth flavors...Traditions which I was taught by my Mother in whose memory this page dedicated!

"One of the most pleasant aspects of my job is to see all of you tasting our genuine traditional flavors and hear you say that you ''turned'' many years back...since you were young children in grandma's and grandfather's lap!

                                                                                - Maria Douvogianni

Sweets, Jams, Pickles, Gourmet
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What people say about our products:

  • avatar Panagiotis Christopoulos Military

    Where healthy traditions are held, our Greece is being held! And Mary with her flavors is from the people that hold Greece!

  • avatar Panagiotis Theodorou Photographer

    When I went to Mary's store, I didn't know what product to choose first. But everything I tried out it remains indelible in my taste memory!

  • Dimitris Antoniou Restaurant Owner

    For long time I have heard about Maria's Flavors....and I'm also cook & all I can say is ''Congratulation Maria!''

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It is my duty Messiniaki Paradosi being spred and propageted!!!
moments from the action of Messiniaki Paradosi

From the seminar presentation ''The secrets of traditional and handicraft spoon sweets'' to students of Ι.Ε.Κ. ΟΡΙΖΩΝ on 19/11/2016

Seminar with theme ''The secrets of traditional and handicraft spoon sweets'' held on Saturday November 19, 2016 in the cooking workshops of  Ι.ΕΚ. ΟΡΙΖΩΝ  exclusively for sophomore students of specialty ''Technical Culinary Art - Chef''. Rapporteur of the seminar was Ms. Maria Douvogianni from the ''Messiniaki Paradosi''.

Under the direction of Ms. Maria, students prepared jams and traditional sweets from fresh seasonal products from Messinian Earth, applying pure practice without the need for additional of preservatives or colorings.

From the field to shelf the students arrived, they proceeded to standardize goods that they have prepared in cooperation with ''Messiniaki Paradosi''.